Audit DE


 The professionals in our audit company LEON Audit, s.r.o. provide, in particular, the following services:

  • Mandatory and voluntary audits in line with the act on auditors
  • Audits of consolidated ISA/IFRS financial statements 
  • Consolidation papers verification
  • Other economic information verification
  • Other services in accordance with International Standards on Auditing (ISA)
  • Financial due diligence
  • Verification of EU grants spending
  • Economic and financial analyses, reporting.


When providing our auditing services, we assess the specific aspects of our clients’ businesses with full responsibility. We pay particular attention to making our auditors sufficiently acquainted with the client’s business and fully understand the specific corporate and accounting procedures in the given company. We put an emphasis on the performance of the annual interim audit, which not only enables us to get to know the client’s business properly, but it also provides sufficient space for addressing clients’ issues sufficiently ahead of the end of the accounting period.

Our deliverables include recommendations and reports in accordance with auditing standards. The possibility of having the final documents for our clients prepared in English or German is a matter of course.




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