About us

LEON is a consultancy office operating internationally and providing professional services in the areas of tax consultancy, audit, and outsourcing.

Owing to our co-operation with the Schaffer & Partner multinational group, we are well placed to ensure optimum solutions for our numerous clients’ international projects.

We prefer a relationship based on mutual trust, co-operation, and communication

For us, the trust between the consultant and client is paramount. Enjoy the friendly atmosphere of our office when visiting us. A “contact person” is assigned to each client, who is thoroughly familiar with the client’s situation and, in co-operation with our professionals, will be able to address any business related issues.

Our priority is a responsible and professional approach to every detail

Details matter. That is even more so the case in the area of tax consultancy and auditing services. Therefore, our consultants pay proper attention to every detail, whether in proposing the optimum tax structure, preparing financial statements, or performance of audit procedures.

We will give you answers to your questions, as well as propose measures for improvement

The experience and professionalism of our consultants enable us to approach each project with due responsibility and to design a comprehensive optimum solution, which is further enhanced by our co-action with established law firms as well as expert and other professional offices. Through this local co-operation, we are able to address almost all the individual needs of our clients.


We took a different approach. We put the comfort of and convenience for our clients before an office downtown. That is why we chose the premises located near a popular business and shopping centre AVION for our office. It is in close vicinity to a bypass road, airport, and has almost unlimited parking spaces.



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